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Back Street

Tours and Adventures

Mountain Pine Ridge Forest Reserve

Bring along your walking shoes, your swimwear and an adventurous mind for a full day of activity. This reserve is teaming with hills and valleys, rivers and falls, swimming holes and caves all surrounded by the majestic beauty of Pine Forests. Our three main stops are the Rio Frio Cave, the Rio On Pools, and road conditions permitting, you’ll get a chance to see the 1000 ft. Hidden Valley Waterfalls. Bring along your binoculars, as there is much to see in the line of exotic flora and fauna, endemic only to this extremely rugged, but beautiful part of the county.

Boat & Bus Tour - $120.00 USD


Tikal National Park (Guatemala)

Transcend centuries of time and explore the majestic ruins of the Mayan City of TIKAL. Just a short flight from Belize puts you in the lush jungles of ancient ruins, monkeys, jaguars and birds. Experience the most exquisite Mayan Civilization along the internationally known “Ruta Maya”. Climb the pyramids over-looking the vast rain forest, enter the stone dwellings and see ancient carvings. Enjoy the essences of the Mundo Maya, have lunch, then return to us by the sea, in time to enjoy the Caribbean breeze.

Flight & Bus Tour - $250.00 USD

Departure Taxes (not included) $ 30.00 USD

Lamanai & The New River Lagoon Tour

Lamanai was settled on the banks of the New River Lagoon more than 9,000 years ago by the Maya and was in continuous use until 1641 after Franciscan (Indian) Church was built in 1570. During the 1800 the British operated a sugar mill nearby and today its remains can still be seen. “ LA AMA AN AYIN “ means submerged crocodile and so it is no coincidence that carvings of crocodile’s features are found on the temples and pottery of the area. Your ride down the winding New River is likely to include and encounter with a rich variety of bird life, including the rare Jabiru Stork, the largest bird in the Americas. Many types of flora line the waterways. Huge masks depicting dead rulers and gods seem to materialize out of the rain forest, amid the chatter of bird-life and the haunting call of the howler monkeys. At the end of your trip, the temples of Lamanai perch majestically on the water’s edge of the New River Lagoon beckoning for your return.

Tour # 1 – Bus & Boat Tour $120.00 USD

Tour # 2 – Flight & Boat Tour $165.00 USD

Altun Ha & Old Belize River

Enjoy a boat ride that takes you several miles inland by way of scenic Belize River. Enroute you may see iguanas, several varieties of birds, crocodiles and troops of Howler Monkeys. At Grace Bank, a quaint settlement on the bank of the river, you will be served a tasty local lunch. You then board your tour bus and drive to Altun Ha, Maya for “ Rock Stone Pond ” where the famous Jade Head ( Kinich Ahua ) was uncovered by David Pendergast of the Royal Ontario Museum. Altun Ha was once a major trading center linking the Maya on the Caribbean with Central American mainland Maya.

Tour # 1 – Boat & Bus Tour $120.00 USD

Altun Ha & Northern Lagoon

Enjoy a boat ride through the Northern Lagoon and up the Northern River to the village of "Bomba", a quaint tiny Creole settlement on the mouth of the river. Here you will have the opportunity to purchase beautiful cericote wood carvings made by the local villagers. You then board your tour bus and travel overland to Altun Ha, viewing a variety of lush fruit trees, as well as the Mahogany tree (National tree of Belize). Upon arrival at the ruins, you will be given a brief history of Altun Ha and a guided tour inside the ruin area. Lunch, is at the Maruba Resort & Jungle Spa, another 15 minute bus ride from the ruin area. Purchasing lunch here entitles you to the use of the swimming pool, hot tub or 15 minutes of horseback riding.

Tour # 2 – Boat & Bus Tour $75.00 USD

Lunch (not included) approximately $15.00 - 25.00 USD

Xunantunich & The Belize Zoo

Xunantunich (Maya for Maiden of the Rock) sits just inside the Western border of Belize. Before reaching the entrances of this ancient city, we are hand-cranked across the Mopan River by a nineteenth century ferry. The Maya Ruins of Xunantunich are actually located on one of the highest plateaus in the are and it is possible to climb to the top of “ El Castillo “, the largest of the temples at this site. From this vantage point, one gains a panoramic view of the Cayo District and nearby Guatemala. After lunch, we head for the wildlife habitat known as The Belize Zoo for an introduction to the country’s diverse fauna. Jaguars, tapirs, toucan and jabirus are but a few of the exotic species for photo opportunities.

Boat & Bus Tour - $120.00 USD